We were humbled, honored and excited to have been selected as one of only 50 companies to showcase at this year’s NRF Innovation Lab – an “immersive exhibit, which included over 50 visionaries from around the globe, track[ing] the latest developments in retail’s tech transformation.” 

From our perspective, this was the busiest, most productive NRF to date. Over the course of three days, we attracted over 10,000 eyeballs, handed out 500+ business cards, 300+ flyers and had hundreds of fruitful conversations with brands and retailers alike looking for unique, engaging, and innovative ways to differentiate themselves and tell a more compelling story. 

After years of research & development, we pulled back the curtain and publicly showcased several retail-specific solutions that incorporate projection-based augmented reality. 

About Glass-Media

Glass-Media, Inc. specializes in highly unique, custom-tailored, digital activations that incorporate “Wow” factor into design. As an End-to-End Solution provider, Glass-Media’s unique approach to project design and value engineering ensures that digital programs along with one-off activations are on-brand, delivered on-time and fall within budget.

Through proprietary tools and processes, Glass-Media has mastered the notion of rapid, repeatable customization. No matter how big or small your digital transformation aspirations are, our creatives and engineers certainly love a good challenge!